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Boost your reach by running ads across our brands’ social media platforms.
  • Alignment with Editorial Content: Your post will come from our trusted brand, increasing the value of your message.
  • Drive Traffic: Links drive decision-makers directly to your sponsored webcasts, white papers, videos, or other content.
  • Brand Awareness: Elevates your brand’s awareness to a targeted audience of industry professionals and aligns your message with relevant and respected content.
  • Social Engagement:  Generate interest and increase engagement with industry professionals active on social media.


87% of Our Audience likes or follows brands/businesses in the industry via social media.


92% of Our Audience uses social media to connect with colleagues or business contacts. 

Twitter Pages Followers
Fire Engineering 57.8k+
Fire Apparatus 15.5K+
Firefighter Nation 62.3K+
JEMS 30.9K+
FDIC International 30.1K+
JEMS Events 12.3K+


Instagram Page Followers
Fire Engineering 29.3K+
Fire Apparatus 26.4K+
JEMS 4.1K+
FDIC International 23.3K+
JEMS Events 6.2K+


Technical Specifications

Facebook Technical Specs

Image/Video Ads

  • Graphic Format: PNG, GIF, JPG, or Video mp4.
  • Image Dimensions: 1200(W) x 628(H) pixels.
  • Body Copy: 250 characters or less.


  • Link Headline: 25 characters or less.
  • Hyperlink: URL to your preferred landing page (i.e. your website, white paper, product, etc.).
Twitter Technical Specs


    • Body Copy: Up to 115 characters of body text (recommended 100 or less).


    • Hyperlink: Click-through URL.

Image (optional)

    • Image Headline: 70 characters or less.
    • Image Dimensions: 800(W) x 418(H) pixels.
    • Image Format: .png, .gif, .jpg (no animated gifs, HTML5 or tags).

    Twitter Add-Ons (optional)

      • Twitter Handle: 1 Twitter @handle (contained in body text).
      • Hashtags: Up to 2 hashtags (contained in body text).
    Instagram Technical Specs


      • Graphic Format: JPG or PNG.
      • Image Dimensions: 1080 x 1080 pixels (square).
      • Max File Size:  30MB.
      • Body Copy: 2200 characters (including hashtags).


      • Hyperlink: URL to your preferred landing page (i.e. your website, white paper, product, etc.).

    Instagram Add-Ons (recommended)

      • Hashtags: Hashtags categorize the post and  help it get discovered by users with similar interests.
      • Location Tag: Add a location to all photos posted.
      • Photo Tag: Tag people/firefighters/fire departments/products in the photo.

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