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Webcasts are a highly effective way to:

  • Communicate technology advancements
  • Build awareness of your company’s technical expertise
  • Showcase customer testimonials
  • Explain product differentiators

Sponsoring a webcast presents a unique chance to align your brand with top-tier training content delivered by industry-leading subject matter experts, all while generating high-quality leads for your sales team.

The live event is available on-demand and promoted on our websites for twelve months. Sponsors receive detailed registration information from all registrants, providing your sales staff with a database of quality prospects.


Drive highly qualified leads via Webcast Sponsorships.

3 Types of Webcast

Sponsored Webcast: We provide the presenter/content and you are the sponsor.

Manufacturer Webcast: You provide the presenter/content.

Combination Webcast: We both provide industry experts and the subject matter is chosen together.


Promotional Package Includes

All promotions of event registration are co-branded with sponsor:

  • eBlast prior to the event  – deployed to 10,000 two weeks before and one week before
  • Facebook Post during the week leading up to the webcast
  • Mentions in Newsletters the week leading up to the webcast
  • Up to 2 registration questions to further qualify the attendee as a lead
  • All registration information, including polls and surveys, shared with sponsor
  • Pre-roll commercial before presentation
  • 3-4 questions can be provided for an exit survey
  • Post Webcast email to attendees thanking them for attending – includes sponsor logo and link to sponsor resources
  • Post Webcast email to registrants who missed the live session – includes sponsor logo and link to sponsor resources

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